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The students of the school may attend sailing courses at the historic Hellenic Yacht Club (founded in 1933) throughout the school year. More specifically the courses are held at the excellent premises of H.Y.C. (Mikrolimano, Piraeus) and are designed for children above 7 years old with good, little or no knowledge of sports.

The education is both theoretical and practical and each cycle of courses is completed within two months. The lessons are held by skilled teachers – trainers of the Hellenic Yacht Club at the organized and modern premises which constitute the safest environment for the little friends of this sport, during their engagement with sailing. The courses specifically include: terminology, becoming familiar with the boat at the shore, sailing at the sea with or without sail, wind courses etc.

«PEDAGOGIKI» Educational Center is associated regarding knowledge certification on Computer Science and computer skills in generalwith the internationally acknowledged certification organization, namely the University of Cambridge, which is represented in Greece by VELLUM company.

The structure of the teaching program sets the basis for the global understanding of basic level knowledge in Computer Science thereby promoting critical judgement and undertaking of responsibilityby the student. After the end of the courses, students are awarded an International Diploma in IT Skills Foundation for Young Learners.

The teaching of French Language in “Pedagogiki” begins from Α Grade of Primary School. From the D Grade of Primary School, the level of teaching is equal to that of remedial courses. The school’s curriculum is developed by the school’s professor in charge of French Studies along with the equivalent professor in charge of French Studies at “Saint-Paul” Greek-French School of Piraeus.

Upon their graduation from the ST Grade of Primary School, the Students of ‘‘PEDAGOGIKI’’ have reached the level of Section Α1 of DELF. The school also operates as exams center of the French Institute of Athens (Ι.F.A.) for the exams of language certification, with which the Educational Center also maintains cooperation on educational programs (see also Courses-Activities/French).

The teaching of English Language in “Pedagogiki” provides the students from D Class of Primary School and on the opportunity to acquire Cambridge University Language Certificates following to written and oral exams through the BritishCouncil. More specifically:

D Class: Starters

E Class: Μoovers

ST Class: Flyers

Due to the cooperation of the Educational Center with the above mentioned educational Organization and the Athens British Council, exams are held at the school’s halls.

The curriculum on music studies for both pre-school (BIRDS), and primary education (PEDAGOGIKI) is developed in cooperation with one of the most historic conservatories in the country, the “Hellenic Conservatory”, providing the students the opportunity to integrate into Orff Approach (that combines music, movement, drama and speech into lessons that are similar to child’s world of play) from their early years in nursery school. Orff Approach is provided in the nursery school by specialized stuff and in Primary School students can be taught almost any music instrument (piano, guitar, flute etc).

The Students of Primary School are normally registered to the student catalogues of Piraeus Hellenic Conservatory and have the opportunity to attend the courses at its modern facilities (Distomou 3Α), exactly near the Primary School of “PEDAGOGIKI” and to acquire recognition by the Ministry of Culture (visit also the website of the HELLENIC CONSERVATORY.)

The association of «Saint-Paul» Educational Center with over one hundred years of offer to the education of Piraeus citizens through the Educational Center «Pedagogiki-Birds» had always set as its primary goal, since its foundation in 1997, the completion of the education provided to the students of all three schools contributing to the general rise of their educational level. This is due to an agreement imposed by the contemporary needs, which call for a spiritual, a technological and an educational sector, a union of powers and a know-how exchange in order to be more productive. In all these years this successful cooperation is oriented towards the contemporary, educational, pedagogical and mainly moral goals and sees to the development of a joint educational and pedagogical politics, primarily seeking to optimize the provided culture and education.

This way we successfully operate a single space for the pre-school (BIRDS) and school education (Primary School-High School- General Senior High School) where each school, maintains its administrative independence while sharing its thoughts on educational and pedagogical issues. (You can also visit the website of “SAINT-PAUL” Greek-French School of Piraeus).

Children who graduate from “Birds” Nursery School and Kindergarden are registered in priority to “Pedagogiki” Educational Center.

The schools constitute a single educational unit with an undivided educational – pedagogical planning, covering the whole period of the children’s’ primary education from 2 ½ to 12 years.

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