"Birds" Nursery School was founded in Piraeus, where it operates since 1976. In the first years of its operation it was housed at the well-known “Metaxa Hall”, the neo-classical building designed by the German architect Tsiller. From 1982 to today it is housed at a neoclassical building in Kastella, with a spacious courtyard.

It was soon recognized as a distinguished educational unit of our country. The education provided by “Birds” Nursery, is based on a basic Swiss educational program that is continually reformed to match the requirements of our times, and the selected educational stuff of academic level.

Both “Birds” Nursery School–Kindergarden and “PEDAGOGIKI” Primary School constitute two contemporary school units, continually evolving, which operate as a successive educational and pedagogical module in different buildings easily accessible in the city of Piraeus.

The single educational and pedagogical planning covers the whole period of preschool-primary education of children from 2 ½ to 12 years.

Following to the Educational Cooperation which was signed in December of 1997 with the High School and the Senior High School of “SAINT-PAUL” Greek-French School of Piraeus, the above mentioned educational and pedagogical design has been expanded to cover the whole school education of children up to their 18 years. This cooperation, which was developed for the first time within the Greek school system, responds fully to the needs of our times and the contemporary trends, imposing the unity of powers and the exchange of know-how and experience, for the achievement of better results, particularly in the domain of technology and education. Therefore, partner schools constitute a successive educational module, consisting of a Playschool –Nursery School (BIRDS), Primary School (PEDAGOGIKI), High school and Senior High school.

The call centers and the secretariats of the schools (“PEDAGOGIKI”, 7-9, Distomou St., 18532 Piraeus, “BIRDS”, 2, Nikodimou & Mavili St., 18533, Kastella-Piraeus) operate daily from 7.30 in the morning to 16.00 in the afternoon (210-4110595-6 and 2104173341, 2104119856). Additionally the Secretariat of “BIRDS” Nursery School-Kindergarden is open on Mondays from 18.00 to 20.00.