English – French

“BIRDS” Nursery School provides courses of English to the students who have selected English as a foreign language. English is part of the daily school program. The students participate to the educational program with, songs, games, fairytales, painting, theatrical sketches etc. These activities consist mostly of listening and oral exercises since the students speak in English. English is presented to the children in form of visual stimuli such as images, flashcards, and painting etc. providing toddlers a natural way of learning the language. Therefore the students have the opportunity to realize the meaning of the words and speak directly in English. Therefore the students are encouraged to use English words -phrases without the need to base on their mother language. This course aims at providing students the opportunity to communicate in English, with a rather amusing while simultaneously educational way. As we open a door to learning in the world of English Language.

French just like English constitute part of the daily schedule at "BIRDS" Nursery School and parents have the opportunity to choose one of the two foreign languages.

The philosophy of this educational program is to provide children with ways of gradually discovering the French language by attending some levels: initially, understanding (with the help of movements and expressions, without the use of speech), and progressively adopt short “verbal reactions” (such as "yes", "no"), then in the process more "enriched reaction" on the level of oral speech. Then finally the child is in a position to speak and engage into little dialogues with their fellow students of their teachers.

In a specially arranged classroom for the French language, with thematic posters on the walls, children begin to learn in an entertaining way.

We initiate topics appropriate for their age.

What must be underlined is the variety of the educational means that are used: cd, fairytales, magnetic boards, paintings and puppets with the help of which we create short dialogues. This way we emphasize on the understanding and the production of oral speech.