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Apart from the courses provided in the official curriculum by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs,  the students of “Pedagogiki” Primary School, have the opportunity to participate in the following activities.

It is an athletic program appropriate for little children which is conducted in the form of a game. Children learn the basic principles of this sport, as well as the basic technique, depending on their age and their level. The educational method is entertaining, while the objective of the specially trained coaches of Pera Athletic Association is to inspire the need for exercising through the game according to the standards of FFT (French Federation for Tennis) and ITF (International Federation for Tennis). The program will be available every Wednesday (By clicking here you can view photos from the trainings of the MiniTennis Team).

The purpose of this workshop is to bring students in contact with the ingredients used in cooking, develop teamwork, and teach them to prepare various sweets and foods depending on the time of year in relation to Greek or any other tradition, under the supervision of a specialized chef, whose mission is to engage children in the learning process of preparing  sweets and food on the one hand and teach them techniques on how to estimate the dosages, the secrets of  stirring ingredients and healthy diet. The program of the lab was developed in cooperation with the managers of “LE MONDE” Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies (

The Lab is open every Friday (By clicking here you can view photos from the Lab).

Classic and modern dance is taught by the choreographer of ‘‘PEDAGOGIKI’’, in a specially designed and high standard hall of the school. The students are divided in levels according to their qualifications and they are given the opportunity to present their work in an open class throughout the year as well as school events. The courses are held twice a week (Monday-Wednesday). There is also an independent Class of Modern Dance every Friday, where children are also given hip hop lessons.

(By clicking here you can view photos from the open courses and the events presented by the school’s dance ensembles)

The trainings of the football team shall be held twice a week in a mini soccer court near the school by the professor of Physical Education, who is a certified professional football couch (By clicking here you can view the photos from the trainings of the Soccer Team).

The cooperation of ‘‘PEDAGOGIKI’’ with the Hellenic Conservatory of Piraeus ( provides the opportunity to attend the following lessons

By clicking here you can view the relative photos


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