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The Curriculum at the Primary School “PEDAGOGIKI” is expanded, due to the appropriate planning and the extended seven-hour schedule. The curriculum includes multiple innovations, always aiming at the complete understanding of the lessons taught each day, by the students upon leaving classroom.

The school pays particular attention not only to the teaching of linguistic lessons, but also to the cultivation of logical/mathematical thinking, providing them not only with the textbooks distributed by the Ministry of Education but also with additional educational material (see also section: Educational Material - School Publications).

In this line of thinking, the students are able, depending on the class they are visiting, to adequately practice and outweigh their needs in both of these fields. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that students of our school have always been distinguished in several Hellenic and European student contests and exams, upon the establishment of this educational faculty (such as Hellenic Mathematical Society, Avid Reading and Literature, entrance exams to Pioneering Schools etc.).

In the last couple of classes of Primary School students have the chance to become aware of details from the history of Greek Language and be better prepared for the lessons of Ancient Greek, and Elements of Rhetoric and Literature Theory, taught in High School, joining a corporate training system, that allows for their better preparation   to enter the next educational level. 

The curriculum of “PEDAGOGIKI” Primary School regarding Foreign Languages is developed by the professors in charge in field of English and French language respectively. All teachers have attained a high academic standard.

Field of English Studies

Private school teaching level from A Grade. In addition students of D Class of our Primary School have the ability to acquire language certifications - Cambridge University Diplomas through British Council. In particular:

D class: Starters Certification

E class: Μovers Certification

ΣΤ class: Flyers Certification

It should be noted that the school operates as an exams center of the British Council for Cambridge University Language Certification (see also  Cambridge University Associates).

Within the framework of cultivation of English language the students come in touch with the elements of British and American culture through various educational activities (avid reading programs, English nights, theater performances, trips abroad etc.). Due to the particularly thorough work at school, students don’t need any additional help from intensive or private lessons.

Field of French Studies

In “PEDAGOGIKI” the teaching of French language starts from Α Grade. D Class provides essential enhancement, in order for all the students to successfully pass the exams for A1 Section of DELF upon graduation from the ΣΤ Class of Primary School, without additional lessons after school. Apart from the private level teaching, we also provide a more essential approach of French language, through French culture. In this context, students come in touch with several avid reading programs, French Theater, cinema, gastronomy etc. The school’s curriculum is developed by the school’s professor in charge for French Studies in cooperation with the respective professor in charge for French Studies at Saint Paul Greek French School of Piraeus and according to the requirements of the French Institute of Athens (IFA), with which we also maintain cooperation. “PEDAGOGIKI” Primary School serves as a test center of the French Institute of Athens (Ι.F.A.) for Certification and Diplomas on Language Competence,   with which we also maintain cooperation on various educational programs (see also Associations/French Institute of Greece).

Supplementary Teaching is provided through the basic curriculum of the school, without additional charge, to all the students from the 1st to the 6th Grade, so that the students can delve deeply into the lessons upon leaving school at the end of date, solving every question in classroom and regular substantial revisions of the lessons taught by the teachers.  

All required courses in the detailed schedule of the Institute for Educational Policy of the Ministry of Education are conducted according to the above mentioned pedagogically appropriate manner. It should also be noted that the school provides students with the additional material required for the courses of Environmental Studies, History, Religion, Civics and Flexible Zone, either in paper or in digital form, for further process by the students.

An interactive board is used when deemed appropriate by the school’s educational stuff. Interesting and innovative activities of multidisciplinary character are organized each year within the framework of Flexible Zone Project (see also relative topics. by clicking on the link Museum and the link: School Activities).

For all courses provided by the detailed curriculum of the Ministry of Education there is a reach and complete relative multimedia material for all the chapters or the sections of the school textbooks.

The school provides for the cultivation of various team sports, as well as athletics and dance (classic, modern and traditional dances) starting from the little classes. Older students participate in various inter-school championships (basket, football, volley, handball), as well as athletic and dance competitions (see Photo gallery).

Special attention is given to the Aesthetic Education courses (Music, Artistic courses, Theater culture), since they are known for their important contribution to the appropriate formation of character, the emotional balance of children, the cultivation of democratic ethos, the maturity, the development of aesthetic criteria, while also enhancing essential skills, such as memory, successful goals achievement, patience , complex problems solving. Classes are held by the qualified teachers of the educational center

Each year we organize various labs, opened to older students of «PEDAGOGIKI» in the field of Aeronautics, Astrophysics, and various labs on math for the much older students.   

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