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The school pays particular attention not only to the teaching of linguistic lessons, but also to the cultivation of logical/mathematical thinking, providing them not only with the textbooks distributed by the Ministry of Education but also with additional educational material (see also section: Educational Material - School Publications).

In this line of thinking, the students are able, depending on the class they are visiting, to adequately practice and outweigh their needs in both of these fields. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that students of our school have always been distinguished in several Hellenic and European student contests and exams, upon the establishment of this educational faculty (such as Hellenic Mathematical Society, Avid Reading and Literature, entrance exams to Pioneering Schools etc.).

In the last couple of classes of Primary School students have the chance to become aware of details from the history of Greek Language and be better prepared for the lessons of Ancient Greek, and Elements of Rhetoric and Literature Theory, taught in High School, joining a corporate training system, that allows for their better preparation   to enter the next educational level. 

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