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In cooperation with the founders of the visual arts lab of the French Museum ‘‘Villa  Kérylos’’ in  Côte d'Azur of France ( we adopted a particularly interesting plan of activities regarding visual arts  under the responsibility of the visual arts school. The lab aims particularly at bringing the students in contact with the Ancient Greek Art (through the construction of vases, potteries, toys, masks, jewelries etc.), Byzantine Art (through the acquaintance with the simple hagiography, the mosaics with the pieces of paper jigsaws, the art of weaving with wool, painting traditional-decorative topics on paper and ceramic plates) and Modern Ar (through a simple rendition of Mone, Picasso and Matis technique, the familiarity with art of collage and sculpture (Cheap art etc). The Lab is open every Friday. (By clicking here you can view work samples from the students of the Lab)

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