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Sailing, Riding, Winter Skiing Courses: Notices are sent throughout the year to the parents informing them about the opportunity to register their children in the educational courses on riding, sailing (in association with the Hellenic Sailing Club) and winter skiing (By clicking here you can view the  related photos).

Summer Camp: Directly after the end of the school year we organize a 15days Summer Camp for the students with very interesting activities (water sports, mountain hike, horse riding, sailing etc. By clicking here you can view the relative photos)

Educational trip abroad: The school plans and organizes educational trips abroad, where the students, accompanied by the academic stuff of “PEDAGOGIKI”, have the opportunity to practice their language skills, visit museums, attend exceptional spectacles etc. Students acquire a vital life experience while visiting a foreign country and especially while speaking a foreign language (English or French). By clicking here you can view the relevant photos.

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