The Exhibition of a part of the collection of Georgios and Nikolaos Tountas with Nautical and Shipbuilding Tools, which was presented at the museum area of the school throughout the school year 2012-2013 aimed at the acquaintance of the students with the objects of the old ships.

The exhibition also aimed at providing the school’s teachers the opportunity of an interdisciplinary approach of that rear exhibits, inside and outside the classroom, and also approach the topics of “Seamanship” which constitutes part of the ancient, medieval and recent history of Greece, as well as the local history of the city of Piraeus.

The exhibits were divided in the following categories and subcategories:

  1. Navigating Bridge Equipment,
  2. Deck Equipment,
    1. Life-saving equipment,
  3. Mechanical Equipment and
  4. Shipbuilding tools.

It is also worth noting that the school possesses its own permanent exhibition on the topic: «Image, Sound and Writing from Yesterday» which also include four different categories of objects from the whole spectrum of the previous century, as well as several objects of the 19th century.

The objects included were:

  1. cameras, and film theater projectors,
  2. old radios and other old audio production machines,
  3. typewriters, duplicators and
  4. old school supplies.