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Call for Expression of Interest – Enrollment Application

Calls for Expression of Interest in enrolling in our Primary School by students who are currently not attending “BIRDS” Nursery School, run from the 1st of September of the previous academic year until the end of May at the latest. For the better operational planning of the school, however, it would be more appropriate to have all applications submitted by December, since the required number of children may not be easily achievable, especially in the first grade of primary school. It is also noted that priority has been given to the students of the pre-school classes of “BIRDS” and to the children of graduates from “PEDAGOGIKI -BIRDS” and SAINT-PAUL, without excluding of course students from other nurseries. It should also be noted that the submission date of the application determines enrollment priority. In the event that we have reached the maximum number of students, those interested shall be enrolled on a waiting list and contacted in due time by the Secretariat of the school (For more information please contact the Secretariat at: 210-4110595-6). Following to the completion and the acceptance of your application by the school, enrollments in all classes will be made by the parents or the legal guardians of the students from 1-15 of June of the previous academic year, according to Legislative Presidential Decree currently in force (numb. 390/1990 Greek Official Gazette 154Α of 21/11/1999 Organization and Operation of Primary Schools). 

Subscription Application to “PEDAGOGIKI” Primary School

Submitted by the parents of ‘‘BIRDS’’ Nursery School students

The parents and the custodians of the candidate students for the 1st class of the Primary School, who come from ‘‘Birds’’ Nursery School, may submit the relative application either to the Secretariat of the Nursery  School or the Secretariat of the Primary School, or alternatively they can submit it vie email at the email address of the school. The applications are to be submitted after the Christmas Holidays of the previous year and particularly in the time space specified in the notification that is made known to the parents every year.

Acceptance of Enrollment Application

The School Board of Directors maintains the exclusive right of acceptance of the students’ enrollment in any class of the school.

Compliance with the School Regulations

Upon the enrollment of the student, the parent or the custodian agrees to and accepts to comply with the principles and the regulations of the School. It should also be noted that upon the enrollment of the student, a Service Agreement is drawn up and signed by and between the School and the parent or custodian. The term of the said Agreement shall expire at the end of the school year.

Student Transportation – School bus routes

The students transfer to and from school is provided to those parents who wish their children to be transferred to school with the school buses. We have seen to the appropriate scheduling of the students transportation, so as to prevent their long stay in the school buses. In order to facilitate this cause our students’ regions of residence are strictly specified and of equivalent distance.

Cooperation between parents and the school

Cooperation between parents and school constitutes an essential requirement for the better operation of the school, to the benefit of the students and it is also imposed, by the need for joint action and approach of the educational problems by the parents and the teachers, without which progress and appropriate moral instruction of children can hardly be achieved.

Meetings of an informative nature with the parents are held for all the classes of Primary School, upon the commencement of the academic year, in order to duly notify the parents regarding the requirements of the new school year.

These meetings are continued throughout the school year and are either public or private, in consultation with the Secretariat. There shall be also constant communication between the school and the parents through information circulars, notes, and phone calls, as deemed appropriate. The date and time of the public meetings shall be promptly announced.

Updating: The parents shall be notified regarding the activities of our school with bulletins, delivered to the students’ residence either by the students themselves or sent to the electronic mailbox of the parents, as indicated in the application they submitted to the Secretariat. The most important announcements are also published in the schools website on the internet.

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